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Broadway Big Band


Broadway Lites on Broadwawy LITEs:

"One of the best sample instruments of 2010"

"Behold the awesomeness of this software that lets you sound like the brass section for Frank Sinatra and  Outkast combined"

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Who is using Broadway Big band?
Broadway Big Band is now used on many high-profile projects:
That's including several major studio film projects, many TV shows, Major touring Broadway shows, and pop albums. Soon we will be posting case studies on some of them.

Virtual Instrument magazine calls the Broadway Big band a "breakthrough library." , and says that it's "oozing with character and life." And that"these are the best sampled horns around." The review says that Broadway Big Band offers "terrific samples and programming", says that it's"very easy to play" and concludes that "This is one of the most impressive and ambitious libraries to come around in a few years."

Read the full review by Nick Batzdorf at the latest issue of Virtual Instrument Magazine… says:
"Fable Sounds presents a virtual instrument package featuring amazingly realistic brass. You truly won't believe your ears when you hear how lifelike the samples are; the range of inflection and textural variation is as close to the real thing as it gets without having a horn player in the room with you. That may sound like a shameless plug for Fable Sounds, all we at Gearwire do is urge you to hear it for yourself. Once upon a time, brass samples were very hard to create with any kind of authenticity, but this product raises the bar rather high."




Recording Magazine: (review)
Gary Eskow of Recording Magazine says in his recent review that Broadway Big band is “A remarkable accomplishment.” Talks about the “vibrant character of the performances”, states that “The key-switching scheme in BBB is extremely intelligent and well designed, and it offers a level of expressive possibility that no other library in its category comes close to.“ and adds that “The importance of this advancement is hard to overstate. “ He also says that “BBB is in a league of its own”
And concludes that “Fable Sounds has produced the most thoroughly playable set of pop horn samples ever brought to market.“ and “In a cluttered field, this library has raised the bar and immediately takes its place as a standard against which future products of its kind will be measured.”

Read the full review in the January 2009 issue of Recording Magazine


Sound on Sound: (review)
Dave Stewart of UK magazine: "Sound on Sound", says that Broadway Big Band is a “highly versatile, well thought out package”
; that it is “highly playable”; offers “clever programming” ,“innovative keyswitching” and “authentic musical timbres”; He calls it “expressive” and “animated”; He also states that “Fable Sounds are the only company apart from Vienna Symphonic Library to use this highly labor intensive, interval specific, sampling technique, and it works a treat” and says that it sounds “very realistic, and leaps out of the speakers as if possessed by the spirit of an avenging jazz warrior”. The review concludes that it has“all the styles and attitude required for a pop / rock / R&B brass section” and that “Once you've mastered its keyswitching techniques, the musical possibilities are endless.”


Keyboard Magazine (review)
In a comparative round-up of top brass virtual instruments for 2012, Keyboard Magazine concludes that: "Broadway Big Band easily rises to the top of the heap for jazz, pop, and funk.", “Enormously expressive brass and reeds.", “provides tremendous real-time authenticity", " incredible diversity and realism of articulation, perhaps the best I’ve seen.", "I wish more software instruments would follow BBB’s lead."